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We've got more than plants!

When you spend all that time planting the perfect landscape, you want to make sure you have a relaxing place to enjoy it. Now you can get all your shrubs and lawn decorations at our local nursery. We sell custom pergolas and wooden decks that can turn your landscape into a tropical outdoor living space.

Stop by our outdoor garden center today to get ideas for your lawn transformation.

Beautiful flowers! Such a peaceful atmosphere, no hassle, they just let you enjoy yourself. Even opened on Christmas Eve for my husband to surprise me with this beautiful Yuletide Camelia that I had been looking for. I also went back for more including this pink girl. I highly recommend stopping by, the new owners are so knowledgeable.

Brittany C.

My Favorite nursery in NWLA! Mr. John and company are incredibly knowledgeable! If they don't have what you're looking for, they without a doubt can locate it for you! Such a loving, alive, heart warming environment!

Brandon B.

Great nursery. Beautiful fish, and even better plants. Most things are very healthy, beautiful pots and good deals! I absolutely love aquatic plants, and the quality is great here. The front staff are a delight to meet. I really love the fish, they're stunning.

The employees are incredibly nice and I would definitely recommend as a regular nursery. You will certainly stay occupied with the plants here.

All in all, I would say 10/10 nursery.

Kody W.